Monday, 8 February 2010

Killing Part 2

My son's class chatted about 'machines' the other day. The picture above is the machine he invented. I asked him what the machine did and he told me it was a Squashing Machine. Oh, I said and what does it squash. People, he said, it squashes people until they're dead.


  1. I'm so glad my son isn't the only one. He likes to make machines for killing people, machines for killing aliens, machines for killing animals . . .
    And they're not just guns mounted on a vehicle - no, he's rather inventive. After I explained to him that astronauts have to wear space suits and breathing apparatus in outer space because there's no air to breath he deisgned a special killing machine that blasts people into outer space so they can suffocate.
    I'm just glad our school doesn't have a regular psychologist . . .
    Has your son asked to see videos on youtube of things being killed because he wants "to see how people really die, really?"
    I think it's what we get for not allowing toy guns in the house!