Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Things that my son loves that I hate... Halloween

I've always been much more of a bonfire night person myself. The crackle of the fire, the whizz and the bang of a rocket, the toffee apples, the tomato soup (Heinz of course). Trick or treat has always seemed, I don't know, a bit grabby. I think Fry and Laurie said it best when they said...


So listen, my boys will probably never have my blessing for trick or treating but, all things considered, my eldest had the most kick-ass outfit I've ever seen.

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  1. Completely agree that Trick or Treat is totally grabby and should be banned. That's my official line obviously - in reality it's a great excuse to get your 3yr old child to go out and beg for chocolate, which mummy can then eat when said child has gone to bed...