Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Broken Stuff

It costs British parents £1.8 billion every year to repair the damage their kids create.

That’s right BILLION. Not million. That’s one point eight thousand million.

It’s nearly as much money as the British government spent on International Development in 2001. All that money just due to kids breaking stuff, drawing on stuff and stuffing stuff in other stuff.

And yet it only works out as £85 per household per year. Now that seems like a great bargain. I’ve just tried to work out how much my kids have cost me over the course of their lives in damage related accidents and it is way more than what it should be if we were average (£340).

New carpet due to pot of green paint poured over
Sofa recovering due to pen marks
2 new car stereos due to things being shoved in tape deck and more than one CD thrust into player that only takes one at a time.
New mobile after being dropped in coffee cup.
Countless t-shirts, and jackets that have been thrown up on.
New mattress on bed after springs shot due to excessive trampolining.

And this list is just the tip of an enormous, stained and trashed iceberg. What about the books that get torn up – my books mind not theirs, the games that get smashed or lost, the DVDs that get scratched beyond merely being able to wipe it with the bottom of your t-shirt to make it work, the gardens that have to be relawned or flowerbeds that need completely replanting or how about the money spent on counselling to save broken relationships.

If I counted it all up I’m sure that the final bill would be close to about three grand. Or at least it would if I had actually repaired any of the damage caused, which of course I haven’t. I just live in a stained, bashed up house with a beaten up garden that I stand in and admire in horrible, tattered rags covered in sick and wee.

I would have taken a picture of this scene of family bliss for you but my son has broken my camera.


  1. Well you should draw us a picture then! Or are the crayons worn to a useless stump?

  2. Harshness Dotterel. The crayons have obviously all been left in the sun so have melted or are covered in spittle after being eaten.

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  4. I bet one million of that is from the damage that my son creates!!

  5. That's what kids are for isn't it, to spend our money?! Know exactly about the mattresses and trampolines!

    CJ xx

  6. And yet whenever they spill/break something, we say 'oh dear, never mind' so that they don't get upset about it, whilst secretly inside we are seething.

  7. Oh dear, I never say oh dear never mind when they break something! This is a bit randon, but I tagged you in a post http://tinyurl.com/y52onox

  8. Good amusing posting on this. Last week my son decided to circle his tiny racing car around and around on the paintwork of our car. As a result we have tiny but deep 'go faster' scratches all over it. Sigh.

    BTW - have namechecked you in one my posts. Don't worry, it's very flattering!