Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Emergency Xmas Pressies

Picture the scene, it's the day before the day before Christmas and you realise that you've forgotten that all important pressie for your nearest and dearest.

Here's what you do Frazzled Daddy style (ya check me)...

Step 1
Borrow something from a friend that you know your partner will hate (Chuck Norris boxset, hideous clothing etc).

Step 2
In mid-Jan, after your partner has long since put the offending article on a shelf/in a drawer and expunged all memory of it from their brain, simply return the item to the friend that lent it to you.

Step 3
In mid-Feb say something like 'darling where's that lovely tiger print, crushed velvet top I bought you at Christmas?' or 'ooo let's watch that kung fu boxset that Father Christmas left in your stocking'. Then sit back and watch them panic when they can't find it. They'll feel so guilty about mislaying the pressie that they'll probably buy you something fab to make up. Or at the very least you might get a bit of sex, you just never know.

Happy christmas xxx


  1. Very funny, bet you've never dared try it though!

  2. That is so wrong!!! haa haa I love it! My husband is the worst!

    This year he went to Victoria Secret and just bought a TON of lotion and bath wash and wrapped them individually. Really? Really? That's what you buy me? After I spent 2 months hunting down and picking out the perfect gifts for you?